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The Litecoin Core Client Still Doesn’t Create SegWit Transactions By … – newsBTC

newsBTC The Litecoin Core Client Still Doesn't Create SegWit Transactions By …newsBTCIt is important to keep in mind the current Litecoin Core client does support SegWit. However, accessing this feature requires a fair bit of tinkering.Litecoin Futures Trading Sees Strange Action Despite Low VolumeLive Bitcoin NewsLitecoin now available at all Athena Bitcoin ATMs – CryptoNinjasCryptoNinjasall […]


A Wall He Doesn\’t Like: Trump Seeks to Destroy Wall Between Church and State

Draft executive order ‘reads like the administration was challenged to see how many violations of the Bill of Rights can be contained in one policy change\’ by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer President Donald Trump appears intent on demolishing the wall between church and state, telling an audience on Thursday that he will “totally destroy” an […]


Swift Payments CEO Doesn’t See Block Chain Replacing Current ‘Efficient’ Banking Systems

While Swift CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt acknowledges that block chain technology is here to stay, he believes some of the current fintech being spoken about is “hype” and notes that blockchains in the private sphere are more substantial than it getting to replace existing commercial banking systems. Speaking to the Financial Times, international payments network Swift […]

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