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Litecoin Price Forecast: South Korean E-Commerce Giant Adding LTC Support – Profit Confidential

Profit Confidential Litecoin Price Forecast: South Korean E-Commerce Giant Adding LTC SupportProfit ConfidentialLet me begin with a reminder; today is January 30—the day when South Korea's new cryptocurrency trading rules take effect. From today onward, anonymous cryptocurrency trading has been completely banned in the country. As expected, cryptocurrency …BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC – Why Are […]


E-Commerce Retailer Fonq.nl Accepts Bitcoin As The Netherlands Continues To Embrace Cryptocurrency

One of the most powerful forces driving the use of bitcoin as a currency is ecommerce, and one of the world’s most bitcoin-progressive countries is the Netherlands. Hence, it comes as no surprise that one of the Netherlands most prominent ecommerce merchants, Fonq.nl, now accepts bitcoin. Go to www.fonq.nl and you can purchase gifts, housewares […]


Bitcoin Can Benefit from a New E-Commerce Trend

New E-commerce Trend is Good News For Bitcoin Adoption Written by: Jp Buntinx It is no secret how consumers are looking for more convenient and mobile payment solutions these days. Alternative methods – such as digital wallets – are slowly overtaking plastic cards as a popular way to buy goods and services online. A recent […]

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