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Litecoin Getting Hate: 5 Biggest Criticisms Against LTC – Cryptovest

Cryptovest Litecoin Getting Hate: 5 Biggest Criticisms Against LTCCryptovestLitecoin was artificially inflated: Litecoin was added to Coinbase last spring, and some see the move as artificial, mostly due to the influence of Charlie Lee as the technical director. From then onward, Litecoin quickly appreciated, and Charlie Lee …The Life of Litecoin Without LeeBitcoinistLitecoin (LTC) Price […]


DECENT Is Getting a Freewallet!

One of the most annoying things that can happen to a cryptocurrency is a lack of convenient wallet solutions, which inevitably leads to most users keep their coins on exchanges. Thanks to DECENT\’s latest partnership with Freewallet, however, that will probably not be the case with DCT. DECENT is a decentralized content distribution system. The […]


Bitfinex Slowly Getting Back Online after Users Suffer 36% Loss

Bitfinex has announced that it is slowly getting back online after announcing to its users that they will lose 36 percent of their assets. Last week the Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange suffered a security breach which saw $ 65 million worth of bitcoins stolen and the price of bitcoin plummeting 20 percent. It has since […]


[Repost] Mathematics undergrad – Interested in getting involved

#I posted this in the Development board as well. Greetings all, I am a recent Mathematics undergrad interested in getting more involved with bitcoin. I have some experience with the more theoretical math side of cryptography, but only a little exposu… Bitcoin News Feeds Today

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