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PayPal Invests in $48 Million Series C of Korean Fintech Payments Startup

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Video: PayPal Shuts down Bitcoin Parody of Its Super Bowl Commercial

PayPal has put the brakes on a bitcoin-based parody of its Super Bowl commercial that surfaced on YouTube not long after the original advert’s primetime bow. A reimagined version of PayPal’s Super Bowl advert that was published on YouTube has been pulled from the video-sharing platform at the behest of PayPal. PayPal’s commercial proclaims the […]


Re: BANK OF AMERICA VBA ( BOA VBA ) INSTANT Verify Paypal – Without confirm phone

vba for only paypal verification Bitcoin News Feeds Today


Paypal Shuts Down in Greece – Bitcoin Still Operates

As if everything to do with money is not bad enough, Greeks no longer have access to their PayPal accounts, reports Quartz. Capital controls imposed by the Greek government mean that Greek citizens can only withdraw 60 euros (effectively 50 euros after ATMs have run out of 20 euro notes) and online payment service, PayPal, […]

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