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Top 4 Alternative Ways to Accept Litecoin Payments – The Merkle

The Merkle Top 4 Alternative Ways to Accept Litecoin PaymentsThe MerkleGiven the recent popularity increase Litecoin has gone through, a lot of people are looking to accept LTC payments online. While they could easily sign up for GoCoin or CoinPayments, there are quite a few other ways to go about things as well. We have … […]


[2016-02-01]An Exodus From Bitcoin to Alternative Digital Currencies (bitcointalk.org)

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Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Launches DCEBrief.com, ‘Digital Currency Executive Brief’ News Portal

Digital Currency DNotes has founded numerous platforms to confront the challenges facing the industry as it seeks mass acceptance. The latest initiative is DCEBrief: providing executive briefs on Digital Currency issues that matter for busy executives, decision makers and everyday people worldwide. DNotes, launched on February 18th, 2014, is one of the market’s most stable […]

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